the brand


We are a Canadian designed and North American made clothing brand created to bring you our very own style of luxury made with soft and durable fabrics right under our eyes. We move intentionally assuring that every piece of clothing we produce is made from love, uplifting affirmations and purpose. 

With a mission to teach each other that we are never alone, teach childre that they should always be themselves while also bringing our special touch to your new favorite luxurious lifestyle cothing. Pure Balanxed is only beginning and we are so happy to have you part of the community. 



The inspiration for starting Pure Balanxed came from Allie Duff while she was in treatment for her eating disorder and mental health. She spent years in and out of hospitals, treatment centers and offices and struggled to find comfortable clothing to wear through the journey. While undergoing treatment she became very fond of holding something soft and/or tactile in her hands to feel grounded when living through moments of discomfort and stress. Through treatment, she realized how impactful it would be to have clothing that incorporated comfort, softness and tactile elements in one. 

Pure Balanxed was born and in December of 2018, the products came to life! Each piece of clothing is specialized with the signature "affirmation tag". With Pure Balanxed apparel, you are provided with a small piece of comfort at any given time, as it's always at the touch of your fingertips. It's a reminder to stop, slow down, read the message, repeat it to yourself and believe it.