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Did you know our manufacturing is now 100% Canadian and 100% female-owned?

As a fellow small business, we are committed to supporting women-run small businesses.

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love notes

I now make a point of wearing my crew when I know something might trigger my anxiety, if I'm flaring, or if I'm experiencing a self-doubt day. The other week I was going for some routine medical imaging (which always makes me nervous) and threw on my crew just so I could reach down and feel the affirmation tag in my hand in the waiting room. It's comforting, it interrupts my panic narrative, and it's an immediately actionable act of self-compassion. I love having a reminder of my self worth and self love at my fingertips.


"As one of my oldest friends I was so excited for Allie when she told me she was starting Pure Balanxed. She puts her entire soul into everything she does, including creating her brand and it's powerful message: You are strong. This message appears on an affirmation tag on all Pure Balanxed clothing and is a constant reminder to me each time I wear it to 'feel it, read it, believe it, and repeat it!' Pure Balanxed clothing is amazingly soft and provide me endless comfort that is always empowering me to be strong!" 


When I wear my Pure Balanxed tee, I am comforted in its softness and I am reminded that I am not alone. When my hands shake and my mind is running a million miles an hour, I look down and run my hands over the affirmation tag and repeat in my head: I am safe. I am capable. I am Strong. This world can be tough and dark and painful, but together we can spread the message that hope exists even in the darkest of places."