2020 - the year of the jogger sets. This year certainly has been a wild one, when I first started dreaming up the pb tie-dye sets COVID hadn't hit us yet, we were still living our normal everyday life. Come one month later we were all forced to make a change; the world, within in our own communites as well as our own individual lifestyles. In the fashion world we saw a shift to more comfortable and cozy at home styles (time for pb to shine). 

From a color, to a custom design, to picking our signature fabric, to testing, to sampling, to the approvals. EIGHT MONTHS later our tie-dye dream set is here. We are so excited. 

We kept this a secret for eight months, through that time our business went through many highs and lows through the changes in the world with the pandemic. Like many of you we were unsure what the future would look like. Those unknowns scared us, made us pivot and truly made us come back to our core - our joggers. But of course we needed a matching top. With a new Classic Crew to add with your all time favourite Classic Joggers it is quite literally a match made in the tie-dye heaven. 

Something so special with this collection (like any other) is our NEW signature affirmation tag - "I belong". The affirmation "I belong" truly came from 2020, from everything going on in the world but it also came from a background of feeling like an outsider and feeling alone. Through feeling not good enough, through feeling scared to let go and just be free in being myself. Our tags develop through thoughts and then over production they struck more chords than when originated. ⁠

I hope this tag is meaningful to you too, I hope you lean on it when you feel like you don't fit in and need that extra reminder. But most importantly I hope this tag really challenges you when it comes to your self-talk and your beliefs around belonging just as you are. ⁠

Just be yourself, you belong 💙⁠

We know that the rest of 2020 is unknown and we want to fill your lives up with as much comfort and love as we can! We hope you love the tie-dye jogger set and the new addition to the classic family; the kids classic crew. Let them be a reminder that you are all uniquely made. 

Much love,




  • Danielle Moriana said:

    Love this look!!

    October 18, 2020

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