There are so many reasons why we should support Canadian businesses, especially following a global pandemic. This doesn’t mean we must boycott the big guys, but rather nurture our local economy when and where we can. 

Shopping at a locally-owned online store or fashion boutique can offer so many benefits to our community, more than most people realize. While you receive a well-made, locally-sourced item, the shop uses your money to directly invest back into their store and the community. Your money directly helps small business owners to invest in their growth and innovation.

In this blog, we cover the top benefits that come from supporting local, Canadian-made, women’s clothing boutiques, and any other form of local business.

Local Economic Stimulus 

Shopping locally isn’t just for the benefit of that particular business. Shopping at a locally-owned and -operated business puts money back into the local economy rather than into the pockets of a multi-million dollar global operation.

A lot of smaller businesses pride themselves on being locally owned and make sure to pay it forward. They do this by purchasing things that they might need from other local businesses, suppliers, and manufacturers. This all helps your local economy grow and become stronger.

After last year, the need to support local businesses is more obvious than ever. We saw the impact the pandemic had on imports and trade. If we relied less on imported goods and services, then our economy would take less of a hit. Who knows what the future might hold? So investing in your local economy can do nothing but good.

At Pure Balanxed, we proudly work with women-owned businesses in both Vancouver and Toronto. Having such an awesome Canadian team that we can rely on helps us feel confident in the clothing we are offering our customers. 

As a small business owner, it’s a great feeling to know exactly who we are working with and where our money is going. Not to mention, the peace of mind that comes with ensuring ethical practices are followed across the board. 

Easier On the Environment

Small businesses are quite often environmentally conscious and always searching for alternative ways to create their garments without harming Mother Earth. 

The environment is something that has become a big topic in fashion due to the impact of fast fashion. By adopting the slow fashion movement, many small fashion brands have increased their clothes sustainability. Slow fashion techniques also tend to cause less harm to the environment due to the ethical sourcing of material and local manufacturing processes.

Quality Customer Service

If you’ve ever been to a locally-owned women’s clothing store you instantly feel the difference compared to stores in a mall. The owners are usually around and working, and the staff is friendlier and more engaged. You are more than just a number to them and they appreciate every person that walks through their doors or visits their online shop.

Many boutique owners and managers care about your experience with their store and want you to leave the shopping experience feeling happy and confident with your purchases. 

Since word-of-mouth marketing can do wonders for locally-owned businesses, every customer typically receives a 5-star experience. If you did have a great experience it’s always worth leaving an online review.

Increased Competition and Diversity

Small business owners usually offer something that you either can’t find in the mall or something more unique. The quality of the items and clothing pieces sold at the local level is usually a lot higher than chain retailers.

The more competition there is for specific things, like women’s clothing, the lower the prices can become. The more clothing options women have available to them the more likely they are to choose the sustainable, ethically-made, locally-produced store with competitive prices.

Diversity in the market is awesome to lower prices and increase innovation long-term.

You Matter More

Choosing to purchase in your local market means something. Instead of giving your money to a global chain that could care less about you, every penny spent at a local business moves them forward. ‘Vote with your wallet’ is a way that a consumer can become influential in their communities. 

The better locally-owned businesses do in your community the more influenced the market will become towards them, favouring them over the massive retailers.

Shows Love for Your Community

When it comes down to it, supporting local businesses is supporting your community and your neighbours. Adjusting your shopping habits and putting local businesses first can have a massive impact on the economy resulting in growth, diversity, and sustainability.

Shop local whenever you can and commit to finding new online, and physical stores, to check out. Your money goes such a long way. 

This doesn’t mean you need to boycott the large retailers or change your shopping habits overnight. Take it day-by-day and find local retailers whenever you have the opportunity. If you need a new hoodie, joggers, or lounge sets this winter take the time to google Canadian brands or local brands first. 

Plus, items made locally are quite often higher quality and made ethically as everyone is being paid a fair wage from the owner, supplier, manufacturer, to shop employees. This puts more money in your neighbours’ pockets, further improving your community.

Shop Pure Balanxed

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