one year ago today we hit live on our Shopify store. we clicked that button and had no idea what was coming, we were facing a world of unknowns but had this sense of comfort that we were on the right path. little did we know what could happen in a year!

so here we are one year later 😭

in a year we have accomplished more than we could have imagined; here are a few things we are celebrating:

  • hitting that live button on our store 
  • our tags - "i am strong", "i am important", "i am loved", "i am kind", "i shine" and "i am worthy"
  • connecting with women all over Canada and the US 
  • our "just be you" line and partnering with Friends First 
  • our first event - finding comfort in the unknown 
  • keeping our products made in North America
  • our partnership with NEDIC 

this year has been beautiful when it comes to the growth of our business and our brand but it has also been hard, it been filled with emotions, lots of stress and days where we didn't quite know how we would make it to the next month. starting a business is no joke and starting a clothing brand has its own challenges. 

we are thankful for it all, the challenges, the highs, the community we are building and the women we are meeting. we, of course, wouldn't be here without all of you supporting us, we wouldn't be taking our step into year two if you weren't here. so, thank you! thank you for following along, for supporting us, for wearing pure balanxed, for sharing about us and most importantly, thank you for being in the pure balanxed community! our hearts are beyond grateful for every one of you.

pure love,

team pure balanxed 🖤




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