New Year, New Resolutions, and New Favourite Loungewear!

January is the best time to focus on yourself and make resolutions for the year ahead. Whether you take resolutions seriously or are looser with your plans, Pure Balanxed is ready to be by your side. Smash your 2022 goals and look cute while you do it. 

In this piece, we dive into some of the most popular New Years' resolutions and how to stay motivated. 

Top New Years Resolutions in 2022

For many, 2021 was not the year they were hoping for. Why not start 2022 off by setting new, exciting resolutions for yourself? Build excitement for the year ahead by setting goals you look forward to reaching.

Do you need some help choosing and narrowing your resolutions down? There are a few ways to set resolutions for yourself that are more catered to you and your life. Here are some tips to help you determine a healthy and happy New Year's resolution:

  • How will it make you feel? Determine how you want to feel in 2022 and select goals based on that.
  • Will you be restricting yourself? This can be hard to maintain long-term.
  • Would you recommend this resolution to your sister or friends? If not, you might want to edit.

Based on these resolution tips, let's dive into some ideas for 2022.

Reading More

Wanting to read more is something that I think many of us can relate to. Books can offer us an escape from reality. They can also teach us something and advance our skillset. No matter the reason you read, taking time to yourself is always beneficial. Cozy up in your favourite women's joggers and women's crewneck sweatshirt. Light a candle, and use your reading time as self-care time.

Cooking More

A home-cooked meal is always the best. But in 2022, life is busy. If you want to cook more in the New Year, make it fun! Don't stress yourself out by committing to cooking every night. Choose a couple of nights per month that you commit to cooking. Mark the nights on your calendar. This can help you look forward to cooking and make it feel less of a chore. 

The best thing about at-home date nights or cooking for friends and family is that you get to stay inside nice and cozy. Our Canadian-made loungewear and women's basics are perfect for cooking and hosting guests. Stay chic and comfortable with our matching loungewear sets, women's joggers, and women's crewneck sweatshirts. Host in style!

Focus on Self-Care

New Year's resolutions are all about what you can start doing for YOU. Self-care means all sorts of things for different people. No matter the activity, make time to enjoy it. Marking self-care days in your calendar helps make sure you take time to pamper yourself, whatever that means for you. 

  • Beauty face masks and movies.
  • Takeout from your favourite restaurant.
  • Exercise or long walks.
  • Draw a bath and listen to a podcast.
  • Unplug from social media.

Make sure to cater your self-care days to activities that make you feel like your best self. Self-care is all about forgetting about the world and your stresses, even for a short while.

Pure Balanxed loungewear is made by women for women. We strive to help women feel their best and believe that feeling good and looking good go hand-in-hand. We make every piece with affirmations to remind women they are more than just size label and deserve to put themselves first.

Stay Motivated & Reach Your Goals

Making New Year's resolutions is the fun part. It's the staying motivated part that usually gets us. PB wants to help you succeed in all of your goals for 2022. Here are some top tips for staying motivated and reaching your goals:

  • Write down resolutions and post them somewhere for a daily reminder.
  • Make realistic goals. You can always exceed goals so start somewhere you feel comfortable.
  • Reward yourself. 
  • Track your progress. 
  • Plan ahead. Mark days and times out on your calendar.

And remember, New Year's resolutions are meant to be fun! They’re a great way to improve your life and continue to make each new year better than the last. 

Make 2022 the year of YOU, and let us help! Our women's loungewear is comfortable and stylish. The perfect things to pair with whatever your resolutions might be. Pure Balanxed has launched so many new collections and women's loungewear recently to check out:

Treat yourself to new Pure Balanxed items in 2022. Use these pieces to remind you that you are worthy, strong, and capable of taking 2022 on head first.

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