Introducing our new collection; the pure balanxed classics. Made with the softest fabrics, designed and made in Canada with so much love, this our version of comfort meets luxury. We are so excited about the drop in temperature so we can get all cozy in our new line. 

When designing these pieces it took multiple trials to find not only the perfect fit but also the best fabric to have on our bodies. We believe that what we put on our skin is just as important as what we take internally. We are so proud of our next step towards sustainability. 

Allie tested over 20 different types of fabrics before finding the right fit for our new line, she landed on a Bamboo/Cotton Blend for both pieces which include a rayon from bamboo for the ultimate softness! Allie fell for bamboo because bamboo trees are fully sustainable. They regenerate in 55 days, require no pesticides, little irrigation and are biodegradable. So when you wear our classics not only are you helping out your own body you are also supporting our beautiful earth. 


You may have noticed by now that our "X" is our staple! We introduced our new tags with our children's "just be you" line and are loving how beautiful it looks with our new women's line. Those little details are what bring us comfort in the moments we need them the most. 


Naturally, with a new collection, we are introducing a new tag, our next venture into our affirmation tags! We are sad to say goodbye to "I am strong" (for now) but so ready to welcome " I am worthy". A message that every woman needs to repeat to themselves daily and we are making that easy for you through our woven affirmation tags featured on our classic crews. When we step into our worth we become powerful, shine brightly and find a sense of calm that comes from a deep knowing.

"you are worth being loved just as you are"

Pure Balanxed Classics drop November 17th at Finding Comfort in the Unknown and go live on our online store November 18th. Save the date loves, we are a small batch company made with love. xo





  • Carly said:

    Stumbled upon an Instagram ad 6 months ago of the kids t shirts and adore the message of your company. I can’t make it to the finding comfort in the unknown function as I live in Saskatchewan! Any chance I can shop the new collection online instead?!

    November 13, 2019

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