Matching sweatsuits are a fashion statement that isn’t going anywhere. There is something simple, clean, and elegant about a matching set that we love. An effortless fashion choice that every woman deserves to have in their wardrobes. Here are our three favourite matching sets, their unique features, and why you need to pick one up for yourself!

Wide Leg Loungewear Sets For Women

At Pure Balanxed, we are known for our high-quality, comfortable women's jogger sets. But if jogger-style pants aren’t for you, or maybe you are just looking for something new and different, we now have something for you. We proudly introduce one of Pure Balanxed's newest arrivals, the Wide Leg Pant! The wide-leg silhouette is quite popular at the moment, thanks to it being super flattering on every body type. These pants are designed to combine women's luxury fashion with comfort.

women's matching loungewear set in black

As part of our Classic's Collection, these wide-legged pants are made from our original fabric blend of bamboo, cotton, and spandex. This combination of materials allows these pants to get softer with every wash! These pants will take your loungewear to the next level with its adjustable waistband and pockets. You can also pair our Wide Leg pants with our Classic Long Sleeve and Classic Cardigan, making it a 3-piece loungewear set.

Effortless fashion that looks great and feels even better. Stay confident and comfortable by wearing Canadian-made clothes that feel like a hug. Whether you work from home, are a stay-at-home mom, or head into work every day, this loungewear set will accompany your day-to-day flawlessly.

Classic Jogger Sets For Women

When we think about women's joggers, we think soft, cozy, sleek, and stylish. With this in mind, we’ve created the perfect jogger set for women. Our Classic Collection of women's joggers and crewneck sweatshirts is ideal for all women, of all sizes, and in all seasons. Our classic jogger sets come in so many colours there will no doubt be the perfect set to compliment every woman’s personal aesthetic.

Women's jogger set in blue.

There are so many ways to style this loungewear set for any occasion. Pair it with your favourite jacket and shoe styles, or mix and match with jeans, t-shirts, long-sleeves, and cardigans! In the cold Canadian temperatures, a matching loungewear set is a perfect outfit for any time you need to leave the house. A monochrome Classic women’s joggers set is effortless fashion at its finest. Clean, simple, comfortable.

Extra Warm Jogger Sets For Women

For those extra chilly days and extra cozy nights at home, we have our Organic Fleece Collection. This collection offers women's joggers and women's sweatshirts in both a hoodie and crewneck style. Both of these women's sweatshirts elevate your loungewear selection with their chic and elevated look. Mix and match each piece inside the home and outside.

The Organic Fleece women's joggers are designed with a looser fit than our Classic women's joggers. The perfect joggers for those who prefer a roomier feel in their sweatpants. Each pair of joggers include our signature pockets and, of course, an adjustable waistband for comfort. Full loungewear sets are available in both Chocolate, Dusty Rose and Black.

women's fleece jogger set in pink

Our Organic Fleece jogger sets for women use 100% organic cotton. This means you can rest easy knowing that your loungewear set uses 90% less water than traditional cotton. Organic cotton production systems replenish and maintain the fertility of the soil. This allows fewer chemicals to be used, such as persistent pesticides and fertilizers. Supporting biologically diverse agriculture enables the environment to thrive alongside sustainable cotton farming. Our Canadian-made clothing is gentle on Mother Nature while being some of the highest quality garments in your wardrobe.

Canadian-Made Effortless Fashion

We pride ourselves in making sustainable, ethically sourced, Canadian-made clothing. As a woman-owned, woman-operated business, we want Canadian women to be proud of their clothing. Making loungewear sets and women's basics is what we do, harming the environment in the meantime is not. 

women's matching loungewear set in brown.

Loving our planet must start with you loving and investing in yourself first. This is why each one of Pure Balanxed clothing items is paired with an affirmation. Look behind the size or 'X' label to discover yours. A small daily reminder from us to you that you are worth it. 

Ditch fast fashion and purchase women's clothing that will last you a lifetime and that you can be proud of! Shop Pure Balanxed Clothing.

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