We are so excited about our newest collection, Americano. This colour is not only perfect for Fall but complements every skin tone and hair colour, making it the colour of the year (in our humble opinion). Our Fawn Classics are also at the top of our list for Fall, it’s such a gorgeous colour and is the perfect mixture of classy and casual - a definite must-have.

If you pay attention to fashion, even in the slightest, then you’ve probably noticed that there are a lot of trends that come and go. But then there are the classic designs, colours and clothing that are timeless and aren’t going anywhere. This is how we feel about our women’s basics and women’s loungewear. They’re pieces that won’t be going out of style and will compliment anything and everything in your closet. This is why we love the Americano and Fawn collections so much. These two colours are neutrals without being boring. 

Canadian-made clothing means it must be soft, and warm! Because we all know winter is coming...

The Cozy, Classic Crew 

When we think about fall, we think about falling leaves, warm pumpkin spice lattes, and our cozy fall wardrobe. Now some of us get more warm fall days than others (it snowed here last week, bleh). But, no matter where you live, we still crave cozy, comfortable clothing that reminds us of warm fall strolls just by looking at them. This is the feeling we get when we look at our Americano and Fawn coloured collections.

Our Classic Crewnecks for women in the colours Americano and Fawn are both a part of our bestseller, not only for the colours but for their fit as well. These crews have a looser fit, drop shoulders, and beautiful sleeves with long cuffs. These features help to make our crewnecks sweaters flattering on every woman's body type. Don’t forget the affirmation tag as our Classic Crews are equipped with the “I am Enough” tag behind the size and ‘X’ labels. We do this as a small, daily reminder that you are more than just your size.

Shop the Classic Crew in Americano

Shop the Classic Crew in Fawn

The Perfect Women’s Joggers

You’ll never want to take off your Pure Balanxed joggers. That’s why we have a pair in every colour and were so excited to get our hands on Americano and Fawn for fall! These women’s joggers are luxurious and comfortable with the perfect fit. They’re roomier in the hips and the thighs while having a slight taper and crop to the cuff. Oh, and not to forget the best part, they have pockets! And as women, we know just how rare and far between pockets are in our closets!

Our joggers also include one of our signature affirmation tags! Flip up the label and discover your daily aspiration reminding you that you are worthy, you are strong, you are enough, and so much more! If you ever need a little boost just remember the entire PB community is right there with you.

Shop the Classic Jogger in Americano

Shop the Classic Jogger in Fawn

Make it a matching set to be the cutest AND coziest girl at school, work, home, brunch, the dog park, anywhere! And if you need a little styling inspiration check out our previous blog all about how to wear a sweatsuit in a post-pandemic world.

Both our crewnecks for women and our classic joggers are made right here in Toronto, Canada. They are made with sustainable materials that help them be an ethical and sustainable choice. Our organic cotton, bamboo and spandex blend is OEKO-Tex standard 100 certified, meaning that they are toxin-free and safe for us. Bamboo also regenerates in 55 days so we chose it specifically for its sustainability. We love mother nature and will continue to put sustainability at the forefront of our business plan! Slow fashion, for slow living.

The perfect women’s loungewear includes crewnecks and joggers that go with everything. Grab and go, simple, but gorgeous. Shop our entire collection of Canadian-made clothing, women’s basics and women’s loungewear and get excited about your fall/winter wardrobe!

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