We believe you have the right to live with pure confidence. And that you deserve to feel strong, supported, and free to be yourself. We create beautiful everyday basics that creates a foundation for effortless style. Each piece features a signature affirmation tag to support, love and guide you on this wild journey called life.



we’re inspired by you. you show up for yourself. you push past self-doubt and go for it. you ask for more out of life. dnd you give it all back with your incredible energy.

can we talk about your style for a second? nobody rocks PB like you do.

looking good, #pbcommunity.

"I want every piece to be soft and effortless. I want our pieces to be something you can throw on and not think about again all day. I also want each piece to carry a message of strength which is why we designed our affirmation tags."

Allie, Founder and Owner

our mantra

be yourself and the world will bring you the love and opportunites you deserve.