We believe every woman has the right to live with pure confidence. All women deserve to feel strong, supported, and free to be themselves.

We create beautiful everyday basics that create a foundation for effortless style. Each piece features a signature affirmation tag to support, love and guide you on this crazy journey called life.

Our Mantra


"Just a friendly reminder: Nothing about you is a mistake. You are a gift and you are here for a reason. You deserve to take up space in the world, and we need you here."

- Cleo Wade

I want every piece to be soft and effortless. I want our pieces to be something you can throw on and not think about again all day. I also want each piece to carry a message of strength which is why we designed our affirmation tags.

Allie, Founder and Owner

Quality is our responsibility

Our fabrics are chosen for their sustainability, durability, and softness. It makes our process longer (and sometimes harder) but it's worth it. We want the best for you and mother earth.

Made in Canada

All of our clothing is made in Canada and we have great working relationships with each of our manufacturers. Our Canadian manufacturers are 100% woman-owned.

More than clothing

Our basics are anything but. From the first design to the final product every step is intentional. Each piece is designed to be timeless and carry with it an important message.

Our focus