who we are

Who we are

Pure Balanxed is a Canadian clothing brand creating soft, luxurious everyday pieces. Each piece features a signature affirmation tag to support, love and guide you on this crazy journey called life.

The Beginning: Finding Comfort in the Unknown


The idea for Pure Balanxed started while Allie pursued treatment for her mental health and wellness. Throughout treatment, she struggled to find the right clothing. She was constantly seeking pieces that could provide comfort. She also grew to love holding something tactile in her hands to feel grounded when living through moments of discomfort and stress. This is where Pure Balanxed and finding comfort in the unknown was born.

In December 2018, Allie was able to bring Pure Balanxed to life. From the cut to the soft fabric, every aspect of the design is intentional and meant to provide comfort. Each piece features a signature affirmation that offers something tactile to focus on and keep you present. It's a reminder to stop, slow down, read, and return to centre.

We face uncertainties every day. Some big, some small. Pure Balanxed pieces remind you that you are loved, you are beautiful and you are not alone.

Feeling Good Starts at Home

At Pure Balanxed we’re all about feeling good. And that starts with knowing where our pieces are made. All of our clothing is made in Canada/North America and we have great working relationships with each of our manufacturers.

Giving Back

Like we said feeling good is our mission. We want to share that love with our communities too. That’s why each piece gives back to organizations we believe in. 

Kids Pieces - 5% of sales go to Friends First. Read more about our partnership.
Adult Pieces - 5% of sales go to NEDIC. Read more about our partnership.