Our Finding Comfort in the Unknown event is bringing together a group of women to discuss confidence, courage and cultivating a life with intention. Featuring six insightful speakers and moderators, this 3-hour event will cover issues we face as women, entrepreneurs, mamas and anything in between. 


Leisse Wilcox

Leisse Wilcox is a professional human and real-life adult who helps women find clarity in what they want, confidence in who they are, and the courage to stay true to both. A passionate speaker, writer, coach, podcast host, taco enthusiast, and mom of three, her entire experience has been about coming home to her truest self, and to call herself “beloved.”

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Dr. Jillian Murphy, ND

Jillian Murphy works with diverse, smart, health-conscious, women who are DONE WITH DIETING, looking to get out of their heads and re-connect with their body. She uses cutting edge eating psychology, in-the-know insight & guidance around diet culture, health, and weight to teach women WHY they stay stuck in negative patterns around food and constant body dissatisfaction.

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Natalie von Teichman

Natalie von Teichman is best described as a kindness & empathy guru! An actress, model, mother to four young boys, Founder of Friends First and the Creative Director behind D’Ont Poke the Bear. Her life’s work is helping others to understand how our thoughts, actions and breath have the power to cultivate more compassion and kindness towards ourselves and others around us.

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Pam Fountas

Pam Fountas is a trainer, coach, public speaker, community builder and multi-passionate entrepreneur! Using a combination of movement practices, psychology and coaching, she helps women get unstuck, step back into their power and start showing up unapologetically in their lives. She is a change agent who loves sparking and inspiring conversations that challenge the status quo.

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Erica McIlquham

Erica McIlquham is the co-owner of Livingston Company and Rock Your Phone, contributing to Kingston economy and spreading a message of the importance of elevating your life in small ways, to create happiness and letting your inner you shine. A true romantic and dreamer, Erica doesn’t settle for mediocracy and believes that life is about evolving, changing and growing.

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Allie Duff

Allie Duff is the founder of pure balanxed, a clothing line designed to bring comfort in the unknown. Her journey with mental health started in childhood, but it was after ending her career as a division one athlete that it became apparent she needed to seriously address her health. Now her mission is to raise awareness, address the stigma, and provide a supportive community for those living with mental health and eating disorders. 

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10:00am DOORS OPEN
Grab a coffee/tea, find your seat, plus other surprises await too!

10:20am WELCOME

Opening remarks from the founder of Pure Balanxed, her why and how Pure Balanxed has evolved since its inception. Plus a moment of gratitude and a short meditation.


Finding comfort in our bodies and food choices
When we let go of prescriptive ideals about how we should eat and look (and we are left without any rules) it can feel extremely uncomfortable. How can we move through the discomfort to a place of authentic comfort and belonging?

Showing up for ourselves
We are taught from a young age to care for others. It can feel like it's hard-wired into our genetics. So how do we show up for ourselves, while our hearts are being pulled in so many directions? How do we finally land at a place of "I matter." Join me in shifting what can feel like the impossible, to the possible. 

11:15- 11:45 am BREAK
Delicious treats and refreshments, shop and mingle.

11:45-12:40 pm SPEAKER SESSION TWO

Empathy and Mindfulness
Being mindful fosters compassion and kindness. But what does that mean? What impact can teaching the power of empathy have on our children and ultimately our ability to give love to both ourselves and others around us?

Balancing work, babies and a business
Is balance really an achievable destination? How can you take your mom-guilt and tell it to go away? In the appearance of "doing it all," I am living my best life - one day at a time. And, how do you do it all? The answer is you don't. 

The Myth of Competition
What has been missing from the competition conversation, amongst all the "women are raised to be competitive," "comparison is the thief of joy," "collaboration over competition" is where the need to belong comes from, and how we can use that natural tendency to our own advantage. Listeners will walk away from this session with a renewed sense of confidence in their own abilities, and a fresh perspective on what it truly means to gauge your own success in a way that feels good for you, specifically. 

12:40-1:00pm Thank you and closing notes
and maybe more surprises! you'll have to see! xo

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