World Mental Health Day holds a special place in our hearts at Pure Balanxed. Our founder Allie Duff, launched Pure Balanxed amid her own mental health journey. She was in treatment for an eating disorder and was struggling to find cozy, sustainable, women’s loungewear and basics. She just wanted to feel like herself in her clothing, so Pure Balanxed was born. 

Allie is not alone as millions of people struggle daily with their mental health. This is why we are such huge advocates for World Mental Health Day, held every year on October 10th. We know firsthand just how important mental health awareness, support and help are in our communities.

World Mental Health Day is the perfect time to take a step back and remember that your mental health is vital to your overall health. You deserve happiness, you deserve worthiness and you deserve to love yourself. You matter. 

What Is World Mental Health Day?

What is World Mental Health Day? Well, World Mental Health Day originated in 1992 and was created by the World Federation of Mental Health. It’s celebrated every year and is aimed to raise awareness and to mobilize efforts in support of mental health, eliminating stigmas along the way. Different themes over the years included women, children, health, work, trauma, suicide, and so much more. 

Society becoming more open about mental illness benefits everyone, especially those who are suffering. It can be hard to ask for help and many deny that they need help. Mental illness in our society is still often regarded skeptically or suspiciously, wrongfully labelling people as weaker. This can cause people to retreat, and bury their symptoms from the world, suffering in silence. The truth is, mental health struggles are a lot more common than you might think.

The World Health Organization surveyed 184 countries and discovered that one in four people will require mental health care at some point in their lives. That means over 9 million Canadians will struggle with their mental health. Distress centres all across Canada are currently experiencing a surge in demand due to the impacts of COVID-19 on people’s mental health. It’s more important than ever that all communities have access to mental health resources and the support they need to get healthy and happy.

What Is World Mental Health Day 2021’s Theme?

This year’s #WorldMentalHealthDay’s theme is ‘Mental Health in an Unequal World’. This theme will focus on making mental health care a reality for all. Over 80% of people across the globe do not have access to good quality mental health services. With the growing demand and urgency, we must work together to close the huge gap in mental health accessibility.

World Mental Health Day is a great opportunity for people of all walks of life, and all different mental health struggles to come together as one. By using our collective voice we can help cut the stigma, and remind each other that we are worthy of happiness. Every person deserves access to quality mental health services and assistance. Campaigns like World Mental Health Day make a global impact.

What Can I Do To Support World Mental Health Day 2021?

Spreading awareness is the number one thing you can do. Support different local voices on social media and share their stories on your Story. The more we talk about our personal mental health struggles the more normalized mental health illnesses will become.

Spread Awareness on Social Media

On October 10th, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and every other social media platform will be full of posts and personal stories. A like, comment, save or share will help these posts gain engagement, spreading awareness. Sharing each other’s personal struggles and survival stories helps open up the conversation around mental health. Follow PB on Instagram @purebalanxed to follow along with our posts.

Campaign With Mental Health Advocates

Join a local mental health advocacy group to help your community locally improve the quality of life for everyone severely affected by mental illness. These groups can help by ensuring clinical, financial, social, practical and physical health needs are fully met in their communities. They work together to push mental health up the public agenda and campaign to change government policy. Check out this list of Canadian advocacy groups to find one near you.

Donate To Mental Health Organisations

Another awesome way to support World Mental Health Day is to donate to different local mental health facilities, distress centers, and other mental health advocacy groups that truly make a difference. Because who knows, you might know someone who needs these services, or you yourself might benefit from their support and guidance.

Giving back is a huge part of Pure Balanxed and we are proud to work with a wide range of charities and organizations. If you’re looking to give back this World Mental Health Day, check out our list of the awesome organizations we have worked with in the past and the present.

Pure Balanxed, Rising Out Of The Ashes

As a Canadian-made women’s clothing brand we focus on empowering women to help them feel beautiful in their skin. Pure Balanxed only exists because of Allie's experience with mental illness. Something great came out of something very challenging. Allie’s story is a great reminder to not give up. You matter. You are loved.

Whenever you need a small reminder of your worth, find your daily affirmation on the ‘X’ tag or behind the size label, because you are more than just your size. You are enough, worthy, strong, empowered, and loved. 

Shop our Classic’s collection and join the growing PB family:

All of our pieces are ethically and sustainably made right here in Canada because we love Mother Nature too! 

Building the Pure Balanxed community to be full of so many beautiful women is the reason why we love what we do! Canadian-made women's clothing, made by women for women. You’re safe with us.

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