Women's fashion trends are constantly changing and evolving. But there are also trends that are here to stay. At Pure Balanxed, we love adopting new styles as well as offering those timeless pieces that are staples in every woman's wardrobe. Let's dive into current trends in women's fashion and how PB is incorporating them into our designs while being easy on Mother Nature. 

Women's Apparel Trends That Are Timeless

As one of the best Canadian clothing brands, effortless fashion is our specialty. We create all of our women's clothing to not only last for a long time but be in style for just as long. When shopping for loungewear sets, women's joggers and women's hoodies, there are certain styles that you can't go wrong with. 

Wide-Legged Pants

We are proud to be adding our Pure Balanxed Wide Leg pants to our Classic's Collection. Wide-legged pants have been a fashion trend that is always in style! From the 90s Palazzo pant, 70s bell-bottoms and flared pants, flowy pants from the 30s, and riding pants dating back to the 1910s. A wide-legged silhouette has been flattering on women for an entire decade or more.

women's jogger jumpsuit in navy.

Our wide-leg pants come in various colours that you can mix and match with other pieces from our Classic Collection. Pair with our long sleeves, cardigans, or women's crewnecks to complete a 3-piece matching loungewear set. If you're interested in effortless fashion, it's as simple as a monochrome outfit. Matching tops and bottoms instantly elevate your look to be elegant, chic and purposeful.

Shop our Wide Leg Pants in Peony and Black.

Matching Jogger Sets

Women's joggers are our best-selling items. They’re the original loungewear sets that took the world by storm during the pandemic and are here to stay. While the pandemic did not force the creation of women's joggers or women's crewnecks, the matching top and bottom loungewear sets really took off during the days of quarantine. With more people working from home than ever before, the need for chic and elegant loungewear is higher than ever.

We love matching jogger sets not only because of how comfortable they are but because of how purposeful they look, no matter where you rock them. They are great to pair with jackets and boots during Canadian winters and a t-shirt and sandals during the summer.

black matching loungewear set.

Our Classic Collection includes both women's joggers and women's crewnecks. The Classic Joggers are perfectly cropped near the ankle and, of course, have pockets! The matching Classic Crew sweater has long arm cuffs for an elevated look, dropped sleeves, and a looser fit. These crewnecks are perfect for lounging around or paired with skirts, jeans and dresses.

Classic women's jogger set in colour Americano.

Our Organics Collection jogger sets include women's joggers, women's hoodies, and women’s crewnecks. Our Organic Joggers have a looser fit, large pockets, and an adjustable waistband. The matching Organic Hoodies and Crews feel just like you're being wrapped in a hug. The perfect women's sweatshirts that can be easily transitioned for an elevated look.
High-Quality Hoodies
Women's hoodies are too beloved to ever go out of style, a true classic in every woman's wardrobe. Every woman loves cuddling up in their large boyfriend hoodies for cozy nights at home or styled to hit the town. Our hoodies are a part of our Organic collection because they are all made from 100% organic cotton. These hoodies are perfect for an oversized look or a true-to-size look. We often have women buying multiple sizes due to how fashionable hoodies are for achieving different desired looks and fits. Pair your favourite women's hoodie with the matching jogger pants, or mix and match jeans or leggings. An oversized hoodie and a pair of biker shorts is one of my favourite go-to spring outfits (once the snow finally melts!).

Our hoodies are, of course, paired with a large front pocket to hold all of your goodies. It also has a comfortable hood that keeps you warm and protected from those lovely Canadian wind storms and blizzards. Each PB women’s hoodie features the affirmation "I am enough." We add affirmations to every piece of Pure Balanxed clothing as a daily reminder to women that they are more than just a size and that they are worthy.

Shop our Black, Dusty Rose and Chocolate women's hoodies.

Sustainability In Women's Apparel

We have committed to sustainable fashion in our journey to becoming one of the best Canadian clothing brands. Our Classic Collection is made with bamboo due to bamboo trees being able to regenerate in 55 days or less. And our Organics Collection is made from 100% organic cotton. Production of organic cotton uses 90% less water than regular cotton. It also uses way fewer chemicals, allowing the maintenance of biologically diverse agriculture.

As a woman-owned and operated business, we consider Mother Nature as much as we consider the women of Canada. We no longer have to sacrifice the environment to create high-quality products. Ready to find your perfect loungewear set and women's basics? Check out our New Arrivals for our newest colours and styles.

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