New Beginnings

The long golden sun and crisp fall mornings are what new beginnings are born from. It’s something we feel in our bones each fall and this year is no different. You might have noticed we updated our branding for the launch of our fall children’s collection. We wanted to move pure balanxed to a place that represented both softness and strength while keeping our original spirit. We introduced some warm jewel tones, new delicious fonts, and our long-standing “X” is now more prominent.

So why the X?

For that, we need to go back to the beginning of pure balanxed. Allie, our founder, struggled with finding balance, she feared changed, and the unknown. When creating pure balanxed she knew she wanted to honour those feelings and find encouraging words to help her move through it. When trying to encapsulate those feelings the word balance never left but she knew there was something missing. It was “X”. When she looked into the meaning behind the symbol "X" she found:

  • 24th letter of the alphabet (Allie was 24 when the seeds for pb emerged! 👀)
  • representation of a number, person and thing that is unknown
  • independent

Each meaning was relevant but what struck Allie was the word unknown. As someone who feared the unknown and did everything in her power to control the unknown, it was perfect. She was searching for balance in her life while living with daily unknowns.

You + X

Our mission is to help you find comfort in the unknown. Instead of fearing the unknown, it’s important to embrace it and treasure it. It’s not always easy so we created a clothing line designed to provide comfort as you move through it. We want everyone to feel strong and to know they are never alone. We are here for you as you journey forth.

So that's what our updated brand is all about! We hope you love it and we look forward to sharing even more of it as the weeks move on. xo


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