It’s no secret that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. The way we consume clothing has a direct impact on both the environment and the people who make our clothes. At Pure Balanxed, we prioritize sustainability, and one way we can all help reduce our environmental impact is by prolonging the life cycle of our clothes.

In this blog post, we’ll share some home laundry tips and how to take care of your clothes so that they last longer—ultimately reducing overconsumption and promoting slow fashion practices.

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How taking proper care of your clothing can help reduce overconsumption

When our clothes last longer, we help reduce overconsumption while also having a positive effect on the environment. The textile industry is one of the leading causes of water pollution, so by taking care of our clothes and prolonging their life cycle, we can help reduce this pollution.

That said, it is much easier to care for your clothes when you invest in quality clothing items. Higher-quality clothing uses superior materials, like cotton and linen, which ‌keep longer.

For example, factories often make everyday basics such as fast fashion brand jeans of lower-quality denim. As a result, they ‌break down quickly. In fact, they ‌fall apart after just a few washes — meaning you’ll have to replace them more frequently.

Investing in quality clothing items from sustainable fashion brands is not only better for the environment but also saves you money in the long run.

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Laundry Tips: How to do your laundry sustainably

As anyone who’s ever accidentally shrunk a sweater in the wash knows, taking proper care of your clothing can help prolong its life. Sustainable laundry practices such as washing and drying your clothes correctly—including delicate items — will not only help them last longer, but also keep them looking their best. 

As anyone who’s ever accidentally shrunk a sweater in the wash knows, taking proper care of your clothing can help prolong its life. Sustainable laundry practices such as washing and drying your clothes correctly—including delicate items — will not only help them last longer, but also keep them looking their best. 

Here are a few home laundry tips to get you started:

Sustainable Laundry Tip #1: Wash your clothes less often

This may seem obvious, but washing your clothes less often is one of the simplest ways to prolong their life cycle. Unless an item is visibly soiled or smells bad, it doesn’t need to be washed after every wear. In fact, over-washing your clothes can break down the fibres and shorten their lifespan. If you need to wash an item more frequently, spot clean when possible.

Sustainable Laundry Tip #2: Read the care label

Every piece of clothing comes with a care label that outlines the best way to wash and dry the item. When in doubt, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions—they know your clothes better than you do!

Sustainable Laundry Tip #3: Use cold water

Washing your clothes in cold water can save energy and protect delicate fabrics from shrinking or fading. It’s also better for the environment since it takes less energy to heat ‌cold water than hot water.

Sustainable Laundry Tip #4: Skip the dryer 

Drying your clothes in a machine uses a lot of energy and can damage delicate items. Instead, try air-drying‌. If you must use a dryer, ‌use the lowest heat setting and remove your clothes as soon as they’re dry to prevent wrinkles.

Sustainable Laundry Tip #5: Wash delicates by hand

Hand-washing is the best way to protect delicate slow fashion items from damage. Fill a sink with cool water and add a small amount of gentle detergent. Soak the item for a few minutes before lightly scrubbing it with your hands. Rinse well and lay flat to dry.

Sustainable Laundry Tip #6: Use a delicate laundry detergent 

When washing delicate items by hand or in the machine, use a detergent specifically designed for fragile fabrics. These detergents are typically free of harsh chemicals and enzymes that can damage clothes. Plus, they are ‌usually better for the environment as well.

Sustainable Laundry Tip #7: Deal with stains naturally 

Natural ingredients, such as lemon juice, vinegar, or baking soda, can remove many common stains. That said, always make sure that your fabric is colorfast before attempting to remove a stain. Be sure to test any natural remedies on an inconspicuous area of the garment first. For example, if you have a white shirt with a red wine stain, try applying lemon juice to the stain before putting it in the wash.


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How to prolong the life cycle of Pure Balanxed clothes

At Pure Balanxed, we believe in sustainable fashion and design our clothes to be both beautiful and long-lasting. By taking proper care of your Pure Balanxed clothes, you can help prolong their life cycle so that you can enjoy them for years to come. Besides the laundry tips already mentioned, here are a few ways to extend the life of Pure Balanxed clothes specifically:

Sustainable Fashion Tip #1: Invest in a steamer

A steamer is a great way to remove wrinkles and refresh your clothes without washing them. This will help prolong the life of your clothes by preventing them from shrinking or becoming misshapen in the wash. For instance, if you have a dress that you only wear for special occasions, give it a quick steam before wearing it to help reduce wrinkles.

Sustainable Fashion Tip #2: Be careful with jewellery

If you’re wearing jewellery while working out or doing other activities, be careful not to snag it on your clothing. Snags can cause pulls and holes that can ruin an otherwise perfect garment. Be especially careful with rings as they are often the culprits of snag damage.

Sustainable Fashion Tip #3: Store in a cool, dry place

Keep your clothing away from locations where bacteria may thrive and damage them, such as your bathroom or basement. When you’re not wearing your Pure Balanxed clothes, store them in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Closets, wardrobes, or dresser drawers can extend the lifespan of your clothes by preventing wrinkling and fading.

Sustainable Fashion Tip #4: Follow the care label instructions

This point is so important that it needs saying twice. Be sure to follow the care label instructions when laundering your Pure Balanxed clothes. White t-shirts can become discoloured because of washing them with darker items. Shrinkage may result from washing our clothing at too high a temperature. It is important to hand wash delicate items in cool water with a mild detergent and lay them flat to dry.

Sustainable Fashion Tip #5: Fold your clothes properly

Folding your clothes properly can help them keep their shape and last longer. For example, when folding a shirt, be sure to tuck the sleeves in so they don’t get stretched out over time. Also, avoid folding clothes too tightly as this can also cause them to lose their shape.

By following these simple clothing and laundry tips, you can help prolong the life cycle of your clothes—both Pure Balanxed and otherwise. Reducing overconsumption is important for sustaining our environment, and by taking care of our clothes and doing less laundry, we can help make a difference.

 Of course, even the best-made clothes won’t last forever. When it comes time to retire an item, donate or recycle it instead of throwing it away. There are several organisations that accept gently used clothing, so there’s no excuse to add to the landfill.

At Pure Balanxed, we’re committed to sustainable fashion practices and slow fashion in Canada. We hope you’ll join us in our effort to reduce overconsumption and extend the life cycle of your clothes. Shop our amazing range of sustainable clothes. 

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