“Size inclusivity means celebrating bodies of all different shapes and sizes both in our runway and campaigns and producing a range of sizes available to shop.” ~ Becca McCharen-Tran of Chromat

This is something that Pure Balanxed agrees with wholeheartedly. Women come in all shapes and sizes and we want to celebrate that by making gorgeous clothing to match.

While strides are being made when it comes to size inclusivity in women’s fashion, we have a long way to go. As a company made by women for women, we want to discuss what we are doing to support an inclusive and diverse industry moving forward.

The Current State of Size Inclusivity 

As it stands, many designers only carry up to size 12 or 14. Odd considering the average Canadian woman is a size 14. 

The good news is that women in fashion are forcing change and evolution. We see more and more brands widening their size offerings and hiring models that are above sample size.

Mina White, a director at IMG Models (she represents curvier models like Ashley Graham and Paloma Elsesser) says that IMG has been pushing this conversation forward for many years by debunking misconceptions around the plus-size consumer and educating brands of the opportunities presented by the plus-size market. Having plus-size models walking for major brands brings the ​​conversation around size inclusivity to the forefront.

With that being said, changing industry-wide practises and stigmas can be difficult. A lot of brands are having a hard time straying away from the historic model sizes and size offerings. And unfortunately, a curvier model for many brands is still ticking the diversity box. 

Representation of diverse shapes and sizes in women’s fashion is something we are passionate about. Producing a wide range of sizes, and including different body shapes in our campaigns was a no-brainer at Pure Balanxed. Celebrating women’s bodies should come naturally when you want to make comfortable, high-quality clothing for women. 

How We Can Influence Change

Consumer demand is one of the best ways to get the attention of brands and retailers. Where you shop can be considered a vote. Use your money to vote for inclusivity. Make a point to shop brands that offer a range of sizes.

This worked back in 2014 when Target received massive backlash over their limited-size offerings. They now offer sizes XS to 4XL.

If you see a brand begin offering more sizes, the best way to show support is to purchase something. This can do wonders for ensuring this type of inclusivity sticks around and gets stronger and stronger amongst different retailers.

And of course, support these brands on social media. It is important that as women we support brands that are trying to reshape the industry in our favour. And typically, these are women-run, women-owned brands fighting to make women’s fashion a healthier space.

Inclusivity At Pure Balanxed

At Pure Balanxed we celebrate women’s bodies and are on a mission to make every woman feel her best. Whenever you need a boost of self-love, flip over the X label on your Pure Balanxed item and you’ll find a unique affirmation tag; “I am strong”, “I am worthy”, “I am empowered”. 

Our items are made to fit each woman comfortably. Thin, short, tall, curvy, whatever - we got you. We do this by offering sizes XS to XXXL.

Pure Balanxed is made by women for women, including our 100% women-owned manufacturers in both Toronto and Vancouver. We believe that women need to take back women's fashion and create clothing that makes us all feel our best.

Summer Must-Haves For Every Woman

No matter your size, there are certain clothing items that every woman needs in her closet for the hot summer months. Here are our top staples for the summer:

  1. Tee Shirt Dress: The shape of our t-shirt dress is flattering on any body shape with its relaxed fit. The best part is that you can dress it up or dress it down - the options are limitless. In the summer I love wearing mine to the beach during the day, and date night in the evenings.

  2. T-Shirts: We have oversized tees and classic tees, both with a relaxed fit. They are ideal for hot summer days. I always tuck my oversized tee into jeans for girl’s drinks and love pairing my classic tee with joggers to run errands.

  3. Shorts: Our Classic Shorts can be styled alone or paired with a t-shirt for a matching set. They are long enough so everyone will feel covered and comfortable. They even have pockets! Whether you’re lounging at home or out and about, they are comfortable and stylish for any occasion. I live in mine.

  4. Waffle Set: Our Weekend Waffle Trousers and matching Weekend Waffle Top are the perfect pair for wherever the weekend takes you. I wear my black waffle trousers to brunch paired with a white tee and some chunky jewellery - so comfy.

  5. Joggers: It is never too hot outside for a pair of joggers. They are the comfiest way to look cute. From picking the kids up at school to coffee with a friend, they are perfect for it all. Pair with a matching hoodie to complete the outfit.

Shop our collection of sustainable, ethically sourced, Canadian-made items today. We have something for everyone, every size and every season.

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