The Truth Behind The Jogger Pant & Matching Sets

Women's loungewear and matching sweatsuits have become increasingly more popular over the years. Why do women love cozy women's loungewear and women's basics so much? In this blog, we dive into the world of women's fashion. We look at why matching sets are not just for lounging at home or quarantines but a fashion staple that is here to stay.

Why Women Love Matching Sweatsuits

Matching loungewear sets have taken the fashion industry by storm. These cozy outfits are now the rage all over the world. Women are embracing the mindset of feel good, look good. But don't get us wrong. Loungewear sets are far more than just comfortable clothing. They went from at-home staples to must-have fashion statements.

Initially made for exercise, the jogger pant has exceeded the athleisure community. By breaking into mainstream fashion, joggers are now a closet staple. Loungewear sets and women's joggers spark love and attention for being comfortable and stylish. The design element of the tight ankle and matching set doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

The versatility of joggers for women is why they continue to stay in style. Joggers for women now come in all fabrics and styles suitable for the gym or the red carpet. Like our Classic Joggers, women's joggers are perfect for almost any occasion. You can style them with boots and a blazer at work or a hoodie and sneakers for weekend brunch. The fit of a women's jogger is so flattering on every body type you really can't go wrong.

If you're looking for jogger styling tips and tricks, check out our recent blog: How To Wear Your Sweatsuit Post-Pandemic.

The Best Matching Loungewear Sets

At Pure Balanxed, we’re a Canadian women's clothing brand that puts women first. We want women to feel comfortable and empowered in our loungewear sets. This is why we include an affirmation on every piece of clothing. These affirmations are daily reminders to women that they are strong, worthy, and empowered.

At PB, we are constantly coming out with new and fresh loungewear, and some of our best-sellers include:

The Classic Collection

The Classic Collection is our original loungewear set. It comes in all sorts of colours with new ones arriving all the time. It’s a classic, comfortable, and slim-fitting loungewear set. These pieces are flattering on every body type. We love how each piece from the Classics Collection can shine independently or be paired. They’re the perfect basics to add to your wardrobe. These loungewear sets are not too heavy or light. Enjoy them in all seasons.

Made sustainably from Bamboo, cotton, and spandex. The Classic Collection is long-lasting and gentle on Mother Nature. Bamboo trees regenerate in as fast as 55 days. These materials also help your Classic Collection pieces get softer after every wash. A true win-win.

The Organic Fleece Collection

As a Canadian women's clothing brand, we are excited to release a loungewear set that is super warm and cozy. One of our newest collections, the Organic Fleece Collection, is hitting the mark. The cold weather doesn't seem so bad when you have a super cute fleecy loungewear set to throw on.

Our fleece clothing is super warm and some of the highest quality loungewear out there. Made from 100% organic cotton, they are sustainably sourced and ethically made, right here in Canada.

As a limited edition collection, make sure to grab them while they last!

The Jumpsuit Collection

The newest members of the Pure Balanxed family are the Jumpsuits. These cozy jumpsuits are made from the same material as our Classics Collection. Keeping you warm and cozy in all seasons. The button neckline and drawstring allow you to get the jumpsuit on and off quickly. The cuffed ankle is perfect for pairing with different styles of shoes.

These jumpsuits are a new spin on the classic loungewear set. They take comfort and style one step further. Whether you work from home or are back in the office, pair the jumpsuit with booties and a shirt jacket. Cute, cozy, and functional.

The jumpsuits currently come in the colours Merlot, Pine, and Black!

Check out our New Arrivals to keep up with the latest collection and colour drops.

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