A note from Allie:

I always knew that when I created pure balanxed it would be more than just a clothing brand - yes we would produce and provide our community with both high-quality comfort and luxury pieces but there was always something more. From the beginning, the x always represented the unknown and through my journey, I was constantly avoiding, controlling and numbing out what my future and unknowns would look like. But while in treatment for my eating disorder I had a realization that "what if we could find comfort in the unknowns instead?" I had always dreamed of sharing my story alongside a panel of speakers and thought it would be so special to be part of - but I also didn't think it would happen. But then pure balanxed started to flourish and touch lives and I just knew it was time to make that happen. So the planning began, the vision boards were created and the emails were sent and then six months later it all came to life.

If you were with us on November 17th then you know it was pure magic, I still can't put to words how it made me feel and how special it really was, but I am going to try anyway 🖤 We came together and celebrated what it is like to be woman, we felt supported and guided in our journeys together, we laughed, we danced and we cried together, we felt empowered and uplifted and most importantly we all left with more tools and peace as we take on the unknowns in our lives. We learned and felt things that maybe we never had, we met strangers or Instagram friends in real life and quickly felt connected, we ate, we sipped on coffee and kombucha, we celebrated and supported many local brands, makers and entrepreneurs.

Sunday will forever be a day that marks a huge success for pure balanxed, but also a huge success for my own journey! For my recovery, for not giving up and for finding my light in the darkness. I can't thank everyone who attended or contributed to our event enough. Thank you for taking a chance and coming to our very first event, not truly knowing what it was all about. Thank you for being open and vulnerable, thank you for supporting our new line and thank you for being you. Our event would never have been that special without all of the beautiful women who attend. I hope that you all left feeling more supported in the unknowns you face and less alone, you better believe my mind is already planning what to do for our next finding comfort in the unknown event and I hope you can all attend.

pure love and light,

A huge thank you to our beautiful speakers

L-R: Allie Duff, Natalie von Teichman, Dr. Jillian Murphy, Leisse Wilcox, Pam Fountas, and Erica McIlquham  📷 : all photos by Kendra Deen

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And of course, we couldn't have done this event without the help of our partners and sponsors!

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Plan de Vida
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Healthy Crunch
LSP Designs
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D'ont Poke the Bear
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Mother Hat Co.
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