Gabrielle is a nursing student, a positive role model, a dog and coffee lover, and a chronic illness warrior. Gab shares her journey with Chron's disease through her Instagram account with hopes to let others know they are not alone. She gets real, she gets vulnerable and she inspires those around her on a daily basis. 

Gabby aligns so beautifully with our mission here at Pure Balanxed, to help women believe that they have the right to live in absolute confidence.

What brings you comfort when facing the unknowns in life?

Reminding myself that I have made it through all of my worst days so far. I feel like I have worked hard to find healthy coping mechanisms to guide me through the unknown: yoga, running, iced coffee, my dog, wine with friends, a nap, a hot shower.

How do you stay true to yourself? 

Not sweating the small things. To be honest, sometimes my ostomy bag is a cause of self consciousness and discomfort for me. However, I preach being authentic and true to yourself. I believe that confidence is such a contagious trait and I want to walk around with the confidence and acceptance that I know I deserve. Obviously, we all have tough days, but coming back to myself is so important. I’m the only one who is always going to be standing in my own corner. 

What does balance look like for you?

Going for a run then eating an entire pizza. I like being with other people but I also really like my alone time. I think life is too short to spend too much time on one side of the spectrum striving for perfection. 

What’s your biggest passion and how are you pursuing it? 

Becoming a nurse. Nurses helped me through my darkest days with my chronic illness and I have a burning passion to be that person for someone else in need.

Your best piece of advice?

Do it afraid. If you can’t beat the fear just do it afraid. A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing grows there. I have really been trying to lean into the idea of getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. You never really know just how strong and capable you are until you put it to the test.

What/who is your biggest inspiration?

I think that changes a lot for me.

What does your perfect morning look like?

A slow wake up, and enjoying a coffee on my balcony! And one day in the future, with my dog!!

How have our affirmation tags helped you?

I think my favourite tag is “Be here now”, its’ such a good reminder to be present and even when right now seems hard and impossible, knowing that it’s okay to sit with discomfort because it won’t last forever. 

Which Instagram accounts are you crushing on right now?

What’s your favourite way to wear Pure Balanxed?

Full sweat suit!!!!! Love the black on black joggers and sweater 

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Instagram : @healthyhappygab_

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