Pure Balanxed is a Canadian-made women's clothing brand that is passionate about creating sustainable and ethically made fashion. We care that you feel your best in our pieces and that those who made your pieces feel their best as well. Ethically-made fashion includes ensuring fair wages, and a positive and supportive working environment. Feel proud about how your clothing was made from the initial design process to sustainable and ethical production.

Organic Fleece Collection

Our brand new Organic Fleece Collection is made and designed in Toronto, Canada with our woman-owned manufacturing partners. This collection is entirely made from 100% organic cotton fleece. An organic cotton is a sustainable option due to its growing methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment. 

Organic cotton production systems, just like where we sourced our organic cotton from, reduce and limit their use of toxic chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers, maintaining soil fertility. This helps to build a biologically diverse agriculture. Cotton production also uses 90% less water than other production methods, making it one of the most sustainable textiles in the world. 

Using sustainable materials that limit their negative impact on mother nature is very important to us at Pure Balanxed. Did you know that apparel and footwear account for 8.1 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions? Every brand must do its part to reduce emissions, water consumption and adopt a slow fashion mindset.

The Organic Fleece Collection is a limited collection only available online. Scoop them up while they last! Choose from:

This collection is the ultimate cold-weather collection of women’s loungewear because of how soft and cozy they are. If you live somewhere that gets covered in snow then you will live in this collection! As a Canadian, I believe I can speak for everyone when I say that fleece loungewear and outerwear are a national favourite and a must-have in every closet. 

Beautiful women’s basics for a Canadian winter - yes, please!

Women’s Loungewear Classic Collection

If you’re at all familiar with Pure Balanxed then you know about our best selling classic collection. Our women’s joggers and women’s crewneck sweaters are the ultimate collections of luxury loungewear. Pair the joggers and the crewneck for an adorable matching set, or mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe.

The classic collection is also made right here in Canada in collaboration with our woman-owned manufacturing partners, in Toronto. These items are of course also sustainably made because we are obsessed with mother nature and want her to feel just as good about our women’s clothing as we do.

Made from bamboo, cotton and a spandex blend, the classic collection will get softer after every wash. Cotton, as mentioned above, is a sustainable fabric due to the low use of water and sustainable growing methods. Bamboo is also becoming more and more popular amongst slow fashion brands due to the Bamboo tree regenerating in 55 days. The collection of loungewear for women has a minimal impact on the environment, and we love that!

Our classic collection comes in gorgeous colours that will match almost anything in your wardrobe including, fawn, americano, sienna, sky blue and of course black. These pieces of women’s basics are versatile and luxurious, you will want a matching sweatsuit in each colour.

Supporting The Local Economy

As a Canadian-made women's clothing brand Pure Balanxed knows just how important sustainability is as well as ensuring ethical practices. We are proud to work with 100% woman-owned manufacturers in Toronto and Vancouver. It’s important to us to empower not only you as the wearer but the makers as well with fair wages and supportive working environments. This is something we are passionate about and we ensure we love who we work with and that their values match ours.

Shopping at a locally-owned online store or fashion boutique like Pure Balanxed can offer so many benefits to our community, more than most people realize. While you receive a well-made, locally-sourced item, the shop uses your money to directly invest back into their store and other businesses in the community. Your money directly helps small business owners invest in their growth and innovation. Every item purchased on purebalanxed.com allows us to continue putting our customers, and the environment first!

As a woman-owned, woman-made slow fashion brand, Pure Balanxed believes that no matter a woman’s age, shape, or size that they deserve to have a closet full of high-quality pieces that make her feel strong, worthy, and empowered. This includes making sure that mother nature and the women-bosses in our community feel the love. 

I don’t know about you, but shopping is always way more fun when you know you’re supporting a Canadian-made women’s clothing slow fashion brand. Not harming the environment while improving the local economy sounds like a no-brainer to us. Not to mention knowing you will be receiving some of the highest quality ethically-made fashion and loungewear for women on the market. Win-win-win. Check out our entire collection.

Happy shopping!

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