Canadian winters are cold, so bundling up is necessary to survive the months below freezing temperatures. But this does not mean that Canadian women need to give up on their style. At Pure Balanxed, we love to keep women warm, comfortable, and feeling their best, physically and emotionally. Our clothing is like a big warm hug every time you put it on, and layering has never been more effortless or looked better.

Jumpsuits & Jackets

Layering in the Canadian cold can be both necessary and stylish. There is nothing better than multiple layers of warm, cozy clothing to get us through the chilly winter months. Pure Balanxed Jumpsuits are the ultimate layering items. Our jumpsuits are flattering and cozy with the henley-inspired top half and the jogger-inspired bottom half. 

These Canadian-made jumpsuits are constructed from the same fabric as the rest of our Classic Collection. This makes these jumpsuits warm and sustainable, made from cotton, spandex and bamboo, which can regenerate in 55 days or less. We love providing women with the highest quality of basics and loungewear while loving and investing in Mother Nature at the same time.

We love to layer our jumpsuits with shirt jackets and button-ups. Put on your favourite jumpsuit, grab your coziest flannel, and top it off with a shirt jacket for ultimate warmth. You might have to add a parka on top, but hopefully not for much longer!

Wide-Legged Sets & Cardigans

Our newest members of the Pure Balanxed family! Our wide-legged pants and cardigans. If women's joggers are not your style, or you already own too many pairs, try our Classic Wide Leg Pants! They are currently available in Peony and Black. They have a looser fit with a drawstring waist. It is perfect for cozying up at home or making it a matching loungewear set to rock a monochrome moment.

Our cardigans go perfectly with the wide-leg pants, turning your cozy loungewear set into something that you would happily and confidently wear in public. PB Classic Cardigans are long with a belt to cinch the waist. They pair perfectly with jeans or one of our jogger sets for women. School pick-up, brunch, and shopping trips have never been so chic. Our cardigans are currently available in Peony, Black, Fawn and Biscotti.

Matching Jogger Set & Long-Sleeves

While our jogger sets for women are very cozy and warm, sometimes you look for that extra layer. Our brand new Classic Long Sleeves are perfect to wear underneath your women's hoodie or women's Classic Crew. Available in both Peony and Black, these long sleeves will be your new go-to tops all winter long.

Our Organic Fleece jogger sets for women are perfect to have by your side all year long. They are not just cozy, soft and extra warm, but flattering and trendy. Pair your Organic Fleece set with one of our new Classic Long Sleeves to stay bundled up while skating, skiing, or just running errands. Depending on your activity and the shifting weather, you sometimes need to warm up or cool down when you're out and about in the winter. Made from 100% organic cotton, these fleecy outfits are excellent for you while being nice on Mother Nature.

Our Classic Collection jogger sets are a bit lighter than the Fleece Collection while still being the perfect winter loungewear set. The Classic's come in a wide variety of colours in jogger pants and crewneck sweatshirts. Made from cotton, spandex, and bamboo, they are sustainable and get softer and more comfortable with every wash!

Finish The Look With The Perfect Accessory

Every loungewear set needs the perfect accessory to finish the look. This is one of the reasons why we are so excited about the launch of our brand new I Am Supportive Clips. These hair clips are perfect for effortlessly getting your hair out of your face and secured back. Clips are also a lot less damaging on our hair, avoiding the pulling and damage from tight elastic bands.

You can customize your clip to ensure it is the perfect clip for your hair type, texture and length! Choose from many different sizes, colours and materials!

And the best part is all of Pure Balanxed claw hair clips are made from eco-friendly plastic alternatives, wheat straw and cellulose acetate. These clips are perfect for helping you avoid hair dents and ponytail damage while being easy on the planet. Luxury and sustainability all in one.

Shop Canadian-Made Clothing

As a brand that proudly manufactures 100% Canadian-made clothing, we are dedicated to making ethical and sustainable clothing with the highest quality of fabrics. From bamboo to organic cotton, we are striving each and every day to become one of the most sustainable Canadian-made clothing brands out there–offering style and peace of mind.

Our Classic Collection is made from bamboo, cotton and spandex. Bamboo trees are sustainable because they regenerate in as little as 55 days! Our Organics collection is made from 100% organic cotton fleece. This means that the cotton is grown in sustainable fashion methods and materials that all have a low impact on the environment. Organic cotton also uses 90% less water than traditional cotton. And of course, all of our fabric is OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified.

Are you ready to find your perfect loungewear set? Get the latest look and shop Pure Balanxed New Arrivals.

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