With it being Mental Health Awareness Week in Canada as well as May being Mental Health Awareness month, we thought it would be the perfect time for Allie to share her top five mental health tips. 

Here they are loves:

1. Comfort - This is where I go first when I am not feeling my best when I feel my mood is low or when I am feeling discouraged, overwhelmed or need some extra love. I seek out softness first, whether that be through what I am wearing, where I am sitting and who I am holding on to. Hence why at Pure Balanxed all our clothing is soft, feeling the softness from fabric is, in fact, a very researched and clinically proven grounding technique when it comes to our mental health. I feel at ease when I am touching something soft, it calms me and instantly relaxes me. 

* I love our new Pure Empower Tee, for this reason, the fabric is so soft and I love how it feels on my skin, our pxb affirmation tags are on each piece of clothing for this sole reason so that when you feel that tag you are grounded when your mind and body may be in distress. My cat is a huge light for me so I always give him some cuddles to feel the warmth of his love in my soul. Blankets - SOFT, cozy and comforting (hmmm new product??). 

2. Seek Help - As obvious as this one is, it is also the hardest one to approach when it comes to my Mental Health! When seeking help it doesn’t always have to be a professional you can start with someone close to you, maybe a friend, a family member or sometimes a complete stranger feels right. I lived the majority of my life not seeking help and I slowly learned that reaching out and finding my support system was the best thing I ever did for myself. Even being in the presence of someone who is holding space for you is helpful. Don't be afraid to ask for help it is the best decision you will make! 

* I know how hard this can be! Start small and then work your way up, this is another reason we partnered with NEDIC, as proceeds from our sales help with their Direct Client Support Programs. Getting online and chatting with someone may just be the thing you need, you never know until you try.

3. Rest and Recover - Simple but yet so hard with the society we live in today! Knowing when your body and mind need rest is so influential for your mental health! When I get overtired it automatically affects my mood, it’s a trigger! I have noticed that if I can take breaks in between heavy work days it helps or even just taking a break from my phone or laptop (HARD). Giving your body and mind a break is so refreshing, when it comes to our mental health we seem to forget that giving our mind a break is important too!

* My fave ways to relax are; baths, watching Netflix, getting a decent amount of sleep every night (I always aim for 8-10 hrs) and using all my comfort pieces (as read at point number 1).

4. Write it Down - When I feel overwhelmed and my anxiety seems to be taking over I create lists, I start with a worry list which is where I allow myself to dump everything that is in my mind down, everything that I feel is giving me anxiety. When I do this I am taking the power away from the thoughts that are consuming my mind. I am a list driven person and I find this so helpful for in the moment. When I feel as though I have gotten everything out of my mind that is worrying me I leave that list and move on. 

* Don't judge what is coming up for you, all the thoughts that are floating around in your mind, write them down and do it as quickly as you can! You will feel lighter once you take the heaviness of the thoughts not serving you off your plate.

5. Get Outside - Getting outside and feeling the fresh air is so therapeutic, nature is such a calming and grounding aspect the world offers us. Cloud or sun getting outside always helps me, I love to be by the water and when I feel l need some safety and connection I always head to the water, I just sit there with music in my ears and automatically feel more intuned with myself. The sound of water is also very therapeutic and grounding!

* Chill tunes and walks by the water are my ultimate go to when my mood is suffering. 


*Disclaimer; Allie is not a registered professional she is just purely speaking from her experience! 

We hope that you can find some connection through Allie's experiences as well as know that you are never alone through your mental health journey.

We are with you, PXB loves 💕



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